What is My Home’s Value?

Sorry, you are not going to find an online automated home valuations here. Why? Because they are ineffective. These online valuations are ineffective because they can not tell what upgrades you have done or what part of the street your house is on. They use an algorithm that’s unclear and undefined to tell you what they think your house is worth.

Contact me¬†and I will tell you based off comparables, your home’s unique features and an evaluation the market, where it is today and where it is headed. It’s a no obligation meeting so you can take the information and use it how you see fit. It’s simple and you don’t have to deal with an algorithm that doesn’t really tell you much about your home. You will obtain accurate information which will prepare to proceed forward successfully.

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To receive a free market analysis estimating your property's value, just fill in the form below. I will analyze the data you provide and get back to you with comparable sale information for your neighborhood and a range of approximate values for your property. If you need a more precise valuation estimate, I will arrange to tour the property with you. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Additional Rooms / Features

Please list additional rooms and describe any special features and recent upgrades. For example: new roof, new carpet, custom kitchen cabinets, property near park, etc.