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What if you were not afraid?

I love this question! I was presented with a great opportunity a while back and as I have processed through it I had to overcome some fear.  Actually lots of fear! Fortunately I had a ton of great people around me encouraging me to not operate out of fear. Here is a simple question to […]

Coming Soon! 3 bed, 2 bath condo walking to the boardwalk.

Remodeled condo with 2 bedrooms plus a converted 3 bedroom. It should be hitting the market next week. If you are looking to buy or an investment this is the place for you. Walking to the boardwalk and my new favorite restaurant Earth Belly. Ping me for details at ginaodom@gmail.com.

Delaware Addition – Live Work Loft Space in Santa Cruz

Located on the Westside of Santa Cruz, The Delaware Addition is designed for new and established businesses alike, providing scalable live/work spaces for start-ups, consultants, artists basically people who work from home and who value close-knit community without compromising on sustainability.  These units are available with 10% down payment (90% financing) through Small Business Administration […]

Real Estate Rebound Makes Flipping a Home Attractive Again

In conjunction with the rise in house prices, the profit potential for flipping a home in the Bay Area is once more drawing the entrepreneur-minded. Flipping a home is the process of purchasing a property—often one in a rundown condition—then improving its value and reselling it for a quick profit. Quick is the key word […]